On the occasion of the celebrations of the V centenary of the circumnavigation

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International Ministerial Conference

Having decided on the importance of promoting regional and international cooperation in order to mobilize strong and more ambitious action in ocean affairs by Governments, civil society, industry, universities, research centers and NGO's and all other relevant stakeholders, Portugal is organizing the fourth edition of this International Ministerial Meeting.



Ocean Smart Governance

The Ocean is one of the most strategically important pillars for the sustainability of our civilization. As a result, sharing knowledge about the Ocean is crucial for the development of common strategies to ensure the protection of Ocean resources and challenges States to permanently define global governance solutions to ensure a sustainable blue economy.
It is this strategic goal that will be the target of the second UN Ocean Conference, to be held in Portugal, in 2020, in a co-organization between the Portuguese Republic and the Republic of Kenya, aiming at defining concrete solutions steaming from scientific research and innovation.
In order to contribute to the preparation of this action, the XXI Government of the Portuguese Republic, through the Minister of the Sea, promotes the "Oceans Meeting 2019", which will take the form of an International Ministerial Conference on "Ocean Smart Governance".
It should be noted that this initiative is part of the Commemorations of the V Centenary of Circumnavigation of the Portuguese navigator Magellan, a human achievement that mirrors the spirit of Ocean Smart Governance based on cooperation and demand for scientific knowledge.


The Oceans Meeting 2019 will focus on the discussion of concrete solutions and initiatives to accelerate effective and Ocean Smart Governance.

In order to ensure the quality of the discussion, the audience will be selected by invitation, with a high political, academic and business profile, with
exclusive and reserved access, in a context of think tank-style discussion.

To this end, Oceans Meeting 2019 will include five ministerial panels:

  • 1
Ocean Governance and Data Sharing

In the thematic area on "Ocean Governance and Data Sharing", the dialogue will focus on issues related to biodiversity conservation of the oceans, as well as the importance of mapping the oceans, and the urgent need to monitoring data collected from the oceans and which will contribute to the sustainable development of the blue economy.

  • 2
Innovation, Blue Startups and Financing

The blue economy will be widely discussed in the topic "Innovation, Blue Startups and Financing", which will address the themes of innovation and its financing. This panel will discuss the financing and investment model to be set up in order to the innovation ecosystem can be build, giving rise to international innovation platforms.

  • 3
Clean Ocean Technologies

Innovation is structural, and through it will be possible to achieve technological advances of a sustainable nature, which will increase the long-awaited development of the blue economy. Smart Green Shipping, Ocean Renewable Energies and Clean Technologies will be issues to be addressed in the "Clean Ocean Technologies" discussion.

  • 4
Ocean Governance - SIDS Challenges (Small Island Developing States)

In the thematic area on "Ocean Governance - SIDS Challenges" (Small Island Developing States), the dialogue will focus Ocean Governance with special emphasis on the challenges of Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

  • 5
Ocean Smart Governance: Cooperation for Practical Solutions

The panel "Ocean Smart Governance: Cooperation for Practical Solutions" involves high-level representatives from Supranational/International Organizations and NGO's highlighting the good practices and realities of cooperation for practical solutions, with the objective of discussing and sharing knowledge to help us to build the common way to the United Nations Oceans Conference 2020.


Each delegation is composed by a Head of Delegation (Minister, Vice-Minister, Secretary of State or High Political Representatives) and other delegates. Delegations can include one interpreter and security officers. The members of the delegation will have free access to the Oceans Meeting closed area.

Access Lisbon and Arrival Details

Delegations that registered their flight information will have a help desk at the arrivals area of Lisbon International Airport.

Olissippo Lapa Palace Hotel

Person of contact:
Ms. Marta Marques

Hotel Palácio do Governador

Nau Hotels Reservations:

MYRYAD by SANA hotels

Person of contact:
Ms. Sofia Carvalho


Please note that the organisation only covers accommodation to the Head of Delegation for two Nights (May 15th to 16th).

Other delegates do not have a guaranteed room but if they want to make a reservation in the same hotel, they are requested to proceed their booking the sooner the better.


There will be a helpdesk point at the airport and at the hotel's lobby.

Bilateral Meetings
Bilateral Meetings with Ministry of Sea of Portuguese Republic

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Delegations wishing to make use of the meeting rooms for bilateral meetings should inform the Oceans Meeting secretariat on

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On the occasion of the celebrations

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